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In addition to striving to build a prosperous free society with a minimum of taxes, the emerging Liberland State also supports a wide range of other exciting activities. Each contribution is used to further develop the activities that Liberland’s community and supporters are interested in.

Leaders of The chess club

Leaders set a vision for the club,  take care of its management, organise major events and moderate discussions…


Alex Raychuk
chairman of the Liberland Chess Federation

Alex leads the Liberland Chess Federation and also serves as a chairman of the board of the Liberland Chess Club.  He is a FIDE rated chess player.


Jonathan Cayla
director of the Liberland chess Club

Jonathan is one of the founders of Liberland’s chess activities, and has a lot of experience in managing various chess projects. He is a FIDE rated chess player. 


Vojtech Rut
Member of the Liberland chess Club Board

Vojtech is certified chess trainer with more than 10 years of experience,director of many chess events in Czechia,big fan of small goverment and manager inside Czech Chess Federation.

Forum of Chess club

Unique space for discussion about upcoming events, strategy of the game and communication with fellow club members…

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 321,543 total)