Liberland Open 2024

International Chess Tournament

24-28 July 2024

Let the games begin ♟️♟️

Liberland Chess Federation in collaboration with Apatin Chess Club “Vulkan Protektor”, is organizing a chess tournament for players of all ages, categories, and FIDE ratings.


ARK Liberland Village, 

Serbia Dunavska obala BB

Date and Time

The tournament will take place from July 24th to 28th, 2024, starting on Wednesday at 2 p.m. at ARK Liberland Village in Apatin.

Game System

Liberland Open is played according to the Swiss system across 9 rounds and is rated by FIDE. 

The time control is 90 minutes per player with an additional 30 seconds per move. 

All players without a rating will have a FIDE profile created after the tournament. 


The deadline for registration is July 20th, and players should register by sending an SMS/Viber/WatsApp message or by calling +381 63 84 47 152

The registration must include the player’s first and last name, middle name, and FIDE ID or date of birth.

The number of spots is limited to 150.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the tournament is 30 EUR for all players who participated in Liberland Rapid tournaments from January to June 2024, as well as for International Masters. 

The entry fee for new players is 50 EUR.

Grandmasters are exempt from the entry fee.


Days/Time 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.


Player Registration
Opening Ceremony
Round 1


Round 2
Lunch Break
Round 3


Round 4
Lunch Break
Round 5


Round 6
Lunch Break
Round 7


Round 8
Lunch Break
Round 9


The prize fund depends on the number of players. The minimum projected fund is 5,000.00 EUR. 

Prizes 120 Players 150 Players

First Place

€ 1.000
€ 1.000

Second Place

€ 600
€ 700

Third Place

€ 400
€ 600

Fourth Place

€ 300
€ 500

Fifth Place

€ 200
€ 400

Sixth Place

€ 150
€ 300

Seventh Place

€ 100
€ 200

Eight Place

€ 150


€ 100

Special Prizes

Category First Place Second Place

Best Female Player

€ 150
€ 100

Best Junior Player

€ 150
€ 100

Best 65+ Player

€ 150
€ 100

Best player with a rating of 1900 or lower

€ 150
€ 100

Tournament Rules

a) The tournament will be played according to FIDE’s chess rules and the FIDE General Competition Rules.


b) Default time – a player who arrives at the chessboard after the flag has fallen (time has run out) loses the game.


c) The tournament is played according to A4 and B4 chess rules.


d) The ranking of players who finish with the same number of points will be determined by applying the following tie-breaking methods, in order from (a) to (e):


(a) Results of direct encounters between tied players (if all tied players have played each other),
(b) Buchholz Cut 1,
(c) Buchholz,

(d) Greater number of games played with black, (e) Greater number of wins.

Information and Registration

All information can be obtained through the official email



dipl. eoc. Goran Petrović


+381 63 8447 152




Stevo Popović NA

+381 62 544 930



Bungalows with 3-4 beds is €20 per night per person.

A private bungalow (2 beds) is €70 per night.
A tent pitch is €10 per night.

Breakfast and dinner cost €5.
A complete lunch costs €8.
Grilled dishes range from €2 to €4.

For all information, please call Vanja Czar at +38169779914

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