In these disconnected times we try our best to connect people. So we created online chess tournament,where you can win real money in form of MERITS. We are anticipating wide and strong field of players, including the president of Liberland Vít Jedlička. Best three players will earn total of 600 merits.

Sovereign state Liberland has minted its curency, called merit (LLM). In the future, Liberland citizens with holdings of LLM can use them for voting and people can use them for state contributions (voluntary taxes) as well. Merit is both cryptocurrency and a share in Liberland.

Prize Money: place: 300 LLM
2.nd place: 200 LLM
3.rd place: 100 LLM

Before the first game starts on 2.4.2020 18:00 (CEST time zone) you have to do three easy steps.

1)Login or register on is the world largest site for online chess. Registration takes few minutes.

2)Join Liberland Chess Team page
Just follow the page

3) Join the tournament
Click “Join” on . Registration begins one hour before the tournament start.

Tournament is played by Arena rules. Players who earn prize will be contacted on platform.

MERITS online chess tournament

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