The Liberland Chess Club has been established in 2019. The club is acting under the roof of the Liberland Chess Federation.

Our goal is to promote chess in the Free Republic of Liberland by organising chess events. The club members and our guests can meet one another and share their time in front of a chess board for a friendly game. They can also choose to compete in tough tournaments. We will manage various online and offline chess activities in Liberland and worldwide.

We would like to help our members to improve their lives through the magnificent game of chess. Chess is one of the most ancient and the most strategic games on the Earth. By playing it people improve their memory, strategic thinking, analytical skills. Chess is also a lot of fun and an excellent way to find new friends.

We invite new members to join our club and to enjoy Liberland’s chess activities. Join us and help to create one of the most vibrant and strongest chess clubs globally.